This site was birthed out of a shared passion for preserving and protecting the foundational principles of the United States of America. The men who built our republic were common men with common virtues; among them, patience, wisdom, and the Christian concept of representative authority.  Far from being perfect themselves, they all knew that in man’s imperfections lies a desire for power over others, and in their own lives, relationships, and businesses under the crown of King George, they had all the evidence they needed that such desire needed to be restrained, or it would continually encroach upon the natural state of freedom that is every human’s God-given right upon conception.

Today, it is evident that unless other common men and women will exercise their God-given rights in religion, commerce, and representative authority, the same unchecked desire for power will consume the 237 year experiment in human freedom known as the United States of America. The wolves have grown bold, the sheep have grown complacent, and the shepherds are far too few.