Welcome to our site, our community, our culture! We hope you're here for some extra information about the American political soap opera, particularly the way information is transferred to the public marketplace of ideas. Now, we may wax philosophical about the things we can't control, namely the compete lack of integrity in the journalist community, the ad hominem attacks of subversion, and obvious ulterior motives across both sides of the aisle...But we can also attempt to lay this bag of snakes out straight for you. It's actually really simple.

Every argument relies on a few presuppositions, some basic assumptions about its target audience. Here, we'll presuppose that the audience is sick of the bickering, accusations, hearsay and misrepresentations present in practically all political discourse... Like Dragnet, they want "just the facts." But now that we have alternative facts, it's very easy to get into the weeds very quickly. So where's the simple part, hmmm?

Well, we're going to assume you're reading this because the mainstream media sources have betrayed your trust. Most polls say you're in the majority. So give yourself a quiet golf clap. In all seriousness, mistrust of the old media is totally justified, and I'm immediately suspicious of anyone who uses CNN or Fox as a basis for their opinions, because there is so much direct source material available... Why go through a secondary medium that uses the same original medium? Just seems like a lot of media... #youseewhatididthere. Obviously, there still needs to be confirmation of reporting and restraint while relating breaking news, but don't expect that from your preferred media conglomerate.

Here's the dirty little secret they don't want you to figure out... it's not actually that difficult to take up the mantle of citizen-journalist and utilize that expanding wealth of direct source material to formulate and broadcast your own opinions. Your Facebook/Twitter/Reddit feed should be proof enough of that! We are experiencing (creating?) a radical shift in how information is synthesized; to coin a phrase by a modern day philosopher, "we've got freedom AND responsibility... It's a very groovy time, baby!" And therein lies the the cutting edge to separate the bone from the marrow... The simple part.

The problem with modern journalism is that it is no longer self-regulating. The problem with the economy is that it is no longer self-regulating. The problem with federal government is that whenever it attempts to self-regulate, the press and corporate economic interests band together to stop it, because that would shake the foundations of their power structure. They've even rewritten history to destroy the simple notion that all humans are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights... And to our shame, we've even begun to believe them. We've shrugged off our responsibility to hold our institutions accountable to those basic facts. Now within that context, try to look at the recent presidential elections as the first step back towards accountability. Look at the consequent misinformation, the baseless allegations and most importantly, look at the battle lines. Take a long, hard, mirror-staring look.

The culture war is raging all around us. The biggest front in this war consists of the journalistic mercenaries-for-hire that assault our opinions with their particular set of alternative facts, each designed to separate us from our neighbors and our dollars. But before we go pointing fingers, let's remember; ultimately, our collective ambivalence bears the weight of this fractured landscape. After all, it's much easier to just change the channel, click the next link, virtue-signal with our social media... and that is precisely why it's time to fight back. Integrity dictates that we own our role, because only then can we properly remember that freedom is a gift that requires responsibility to sustain itself through future generations. They are uniquely bound to each other... Freedom without responsibility is anarchy, and responsibility without freedom is fascism. So really, the choice is simple. We refuse to live in a country where either anarchy or fascism becomes an acceptable option. We're taking steps away from the end we've had prescribed for us. We ask you to join us, and fight back... We are the counter culture. We are the Shepherds.

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