By now, most of us paying attention are aware of the basic facts of this case. If you need some catching up, here’s the cliff notes version:

Flynn told Russia in the weeks prior to President Trump’s inauguration to ignore the sanctions imposed by the Obama Administration because Trump would simply rescind them. The problem with this you ask? He misled Vice President Pence, which caused Pence to mislead the public when he said there had been no such talks. Also, an old law, called the Logan act prohibits private citizens from causing issues or otherwise affecting diplomatic relations between the United States and foreign governments.

The real problem here is that it seems this was a concerted effort by the intelligence community, who has made it no secret that there is not much common ground with the Trump administration, to undermine Trump’s pick and try to erode public confidence in the administration as a whole (You can bet all the liberal blogs re-lit the Russian Hacking campfires again). One could even argue that this is part of a larger campaign within the intelligence community to wage a “cold war” against the current administration. Why was this not handled behind closed doors, and why does this feel ominously like a shot across the bow from the agencies that are supposed to work FOR the president? It seems to be a rather questionable way to handle the security of the nation, especially for the agency who claims to be the the most concerned with protecting exactly that.

The minute the internal agencies charged with our protection begin to wax political, we are all at risk, and frankly, in my opinion it’s just plain irresponsible.

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