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So the Trump administration rolled back Obama’s guidance on transgender bathroom usage, and apparently, the four horseman of the Trump Apocalypse are drawing nigh. After all, before the Lightworker, these poor transgender people had to actually expel waste from their bodies in back alleys and with unlicensed… oh wait, wrong issue. But for serious you guys, this is a Trump Apocalypse! (#Trumpocalypse if you want some real entertainment)

Just perform a cursory review of the liberal blogosphere and a rundown of the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching at the notion that biological males and females should be asked to use their biologically designated restroom. Over at PoliticsUSA, their op-ed equates a return to the historical reach of Title IX (as it relates to bathrooms) to a new theocracy with Trump and his preachers. It’s a Trump Apocalypse!  But wait, if you reverse-engineer that logic, that means that for the last 200 some-odd years, the United states WAS in fact a Christian nation…well…it took Obama to break us out of that notion. Thank God for that!

All joking aside, it’s very illustrative to step back and see the howling and caterwauling about the slightest of issues from the left. Enforce the border laws… you’d think we were building concentration camps. Repeal Obamacare… We’re suddenly killing babies (born ones, the only ones that matter). And with a simple matter such as eliminating the extension of Title IX rights to someone who makes a conscious choice about what they feel they are, regardless of biology and #SCIENCE, well of course you must be Hitler-Jesus! The pattern here is simple; push, push, push, win, never compromise, and then push, push, push, win, never compromise. There’s no talk of understanding and tolerance from the left for anything outside of their agenda.

When they do lose, it was stolen, they were cheated, or they make up some other such nonsense to avoid confronting that their agenda actually is not the mainstream, because it forces them to admit that what they’re doing actually isn’t what people want, that it’s just a self-indulgent quest for power, influence and perhaps most importantly, vengeance. That’s where all the ugly anger of your average leftist shows itself… and because they see the world in those terms, of course they’re going to take an election loss as an affront to their very existence. Of course they’ll see every policy decision as an assault on their philosophical worldview; and that is precisely why they cannot unite under the banner of “American.”

Title IX protection cannot extend to classes of individuals who have the ability to change their status at the drop of a hat. It obviously doesn’t extend to Christians.  But that’s not even what the Trump administration is doing. They’re simply returning the law to its original position and coverage in this one area where the Obama administration expanded it. THAT’S IT. There’s nothing about private businesses and local policies or laws. Moreover, the Obama administration’s guidance on Title IX threatened the schools with loss of federal funds if they denied transgender students access to whatever bathroom they chose that day; Trump just said, you can keep the money, the federal government doesn’t care what you do with your bathrooms. See the difference? Obama’s guidance was a warning, prohibitive, restrictive in nature. Trump reversed it and gave freedom back to the local bodies. Now tell me again… who’s the fascist here?!

Apply a little critical thinking to most liberal talking points, and they crumble under the weight of scrutiny. That’s why they need the outdated, vanguard media to bleat their accusations and implications… if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth to anyone who can’t or won’t think for themselves.  Progressives and the media are in a co-dependent, incestuous relationship with each other… just ask John Podesta, and now that their status is threatened, expect this type of foot-stomping and fear-mongering to only increase as they start losing more often. But that’s fine, let them wail. The Shepherds are watching, and waiting (for the Trump Apocalypse).



  1. I see a bad moon rising…
    thoughts on this-

    Pay attention
    “Notice the Dems aren’t talking about blacks mattering lately.
    Dems don’t need to pander to them for at least a year, so they kick them back to the curb.
    Russia and Nazi is the new race card.
    Dems are focused on taking out Trump, gearing up for a spring overthrow, illegals, and refugees.
    The Dems know that no matter what, blacks will vote for them, so no need to pander right now. It’s not an election year.
    Even the women’s march /Soros protest, was by a 2 Palestinian Brotherhood plants and one is a female terrorist who bombed places in Israel.
    One white female speaker at the first one in DC, was a convicted rapist and murderer.
    No blacks.
    I’m sure there will be BLM protests involved in the spring major offensive they are gearing up for, but that is just to keep them temporarily appeased and interested.
    The American Spring is supposed to be a doozy.
    The ads are running looking for protest participants already.
    Others have been training right along.
    It’s not these groups’ revolution.
    They are just the useful idiots.
    It’s Soros’ color Revolution.
    We may not want to deal with them, but they get a vote in that matter.
    They want chaos.
    They think they are going to kick your ass without police or you doing anything about it, like they have been, only bigger.
    They are showing you their numbers.
    200 here, 100 there, 1,000 when scheduled far in advance.
    They know how to flash mob.
    They have buses and they get paid.
    They train.
    They travel.(That’s why they carry backpacks. They are not locals usually. Most people, even paid thugs won’t beat up their own neighbors and property.
    Soros is smart. He rotates, assigns out of district and transports them).
    Soros color codes. Purple (SEIU, Occupy, Bill & Hillary, ACORN), white (Dems at Trump’s SOTU, but they had purple ribbons), orange (Ukraine Kenya), red (Zimbabwe, yellow (Musbro hand Egypt) green (Mid East, EU), even black (Antifa, ISIS) is a color.Black is the demolition crews.Their only job is mayhem.
    They indoctrinated the college kids. Put them in cages called safe spaces, so no other ideas could get in.
    And now it’s being green-lighted.
    Loretta Lynch said she wanted blood spilled.
    Hillary crawled out of the crypt to make a vid saying resist.
    Obama and OFA are running a new pr using “resist”
    Resist is all over the web.
    Hollywood is calling for violence against Trump, spewing hate at awards ceremonies.
    Madonna wants to blow up the WH.
    Media is calling for and fantasizing about assassinating Trump, Assange and others.
    The intel community is having mole patrol as we speak.
    They leak worse than a spaghetti strainer.
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    The Sh*t is starting to hit the fan and the whole load is about to drop this spring.
    Congress is only working 8 days in April.
    Ryan says they are going to be home speaking to their constituents.
    I’d say that will be when the left pulls their all out offensive.
    Then they will call the black groups back in.
    The snowflakes too.By then they will have forgotten the people they are fighting for screwed them out of Bernie.
    Might want to do some prepping.
    You know I’m right.
    They are not hiding their intentions.
    They are actually gleefully spouting it.
    “Resist” is their slogan.
    Watch for it and watch who is delivering it.
    Remember, Obama and his whole crew stuck around for it too.”

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