DOGE chart with Elliot Wave April 17th 2021

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Elliott Wave Analysis

Full disclosure, I don’t own much DOGE cryptocurrency, but I do have a little, and have been practicing my Elliott Wave analysis and timing on it. I noticed what looked like a motive wave forming earlier this week, and wow, it has really created a great case for the theory! I predicted a return to ~.25 about 12 hours ago, and it did indeed complete the cycle.

Now, because of all the positive chatter and with some light Google search terms analysis for DOGE, Crypo, Cryptocurrency, etc., I think we have completed the 1-2 phase and are heading into the 3 high point of a larger cycle. Time will tell. I just bought back in at around .265, and will report back later. If this holds, we should crack .50 in the next week.

Elliott Wave full motive and correction cycle in orange. Larger cycle predicted starting in blue.

For those of you not familiar with the Elliott Wave theory, a quick introduction below. Follow this link to the full article if you’d like to learn more: Elliott Wave Theory

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